Policies & Procedures

All NEW students/clients need to fill out the registration form.

Binding Registration:

All courses/dance classes are semester based. Once you have enrolled by filling out the registration form page, you have accepted the policy of BINDING REGISTRATION. No refunds, nor exchanges to anyone, other than with a note from your doctor.


You are responsible to notify us of a long term illness, if you have received a doctor’s note. The note needs to be sent in within that month it was received, to get any sort of refunded discount on the course signed up for. Send your email to: studiovanessanorway@gmail.com.


Please be advised, you will receive an invoice/receipt for payment, upon request. Otherwise an email with the payment info will be sent to you and is to be PAID prior to the start date of the course/classes. Bank transfers , are made into: 9686 10 84199 & mark your full name or child’s full name + the course name or school name in melding til mottaker. For CASH payment, discuss this with Vanessa.

Late sign-up:

Children’s: The fees are not pro-rated at any point during the semester. If your child drops out, there is no refund nor exchange.

Waiver of Liability:

Application/registration forms are found at the bottom of this page, the waiver of liability is sent to you in a confirmation email.

Cancelled Classes:

Due to Studio Vanessa illness or school activities using the hall, there will be NO make-up class done. But a notification via email, regarding the cancelled classes will be sent.